A Valentines Proposal

I've always wanted to shoot a proposal. Hiding away at a distance to shoot the moment and capture the raw emotion and reactions that come out. I'd imagine that with all the nerves of the proposer and shock/joy of the proposee, the moment can become a blur in their minds and nothing to show for it apart from a selfie afterwards to showcase the ring on hand. 
Without going around asking friends individually if they were going to pop the question to their other halves, I put a post on instagram a week before Valentines Day to let anyone following know that I was up for shooting any proposals. Fortunately Jonny got in contact as he was going to pop the question at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel at the Excel Centre before they went to see Drake. 
When I arrived to the hotel I managed to arrange an empty balcony overlooking the O2 and told Jonny to take Marnie up there. I set-up a Gopro, to see if I could film the moment too, and hid behind a pillar. Check out the photos below.